Make a Mokuk


Native Americans used birch bark buckets to store maple sugar. Make your own bucket from construction paper. Click here to download the pattern Fold the construction paper in half. Trace the pattern along the solid lines and cut out. Trace
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Dairy Facts


A cow must have a calf every year to continue producing milk. Dairy cows eat approximately 100 pounds of food each day. Cows consume approximately 30 gallons of water each day. Cows have four stomachs. Dairy farmers work from early
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Diameter and Circumference

spout blue sky

FACT: A maple tree should be approximately 8 inches in diameter to be tapped. Diameter is the measure from opposite edges across the middle of the trunk. The sugarmaker can’t cut down the trees to measure 8 inches of diameter
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Maple Facts

sugar on snow

Maple sap is a sweet, water like liquid that is collected from the maple trees. Rock Maples make the best sugar maples. A high concentration of sugar maples is called a sugarbush. The building that the maple syrup is produced
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