Sap Collection Project

Located in the sugarwoods, the lines will eventually go through the building.

A sap collection project was our main focus in the sugarwoods this year.  How important is sap collection to a sugarmaker’s maple business?  Very important, both economically and to the health of the trees.  So much, that after reviewing our
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Earth Day Surprise in Maple Sugarwoods

Curious Coyote Puppies

We had a surprise on Earth Day in our Maple Sugarwoods this spring, when our team of untappers were busy pulling the taps from the maple trees. The 45th Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 2015.  In 1970 Sen
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Sugaring 2015

From the woods, through the barn that is in the way and to the sugarhouse.

  For us, the sugaring season 2015 started in the summer of 2014, when we took down sap lines for 2,000 taps that we built in 1998 and 1999.  These were the first taps of our sugaring enterprise and it
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A New Way to Heat

Peter Watson hooking up the boiler to the tank we're using for a heat exchanger.

In October we made the decision to buy a wood gasification furnace that would heat our home, the sugarhouse and the hot water used for the dairy.  We have an ample supply of wood and are hoping our fuel oil
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Much Fuss Over a Sick Hen


We noticed that one of our laying hens was under the coop and didn’t want to walk.  After examining her it was clearly evident that she wasn’t putting any weight on her swollen leg.  Her injury was also not allowing
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New Chicken Coop

hen house_paul

  Our new chicken coop for our 12 laying hens arrived! The hens have been moving from one temporary area to another as they have grown while we have patiently awaited our new coop.   After a lot of research
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First Cut Hay

baby calf and mother

With the cooperation of our custom hired field workers and the weather, we made a first cut of hay on 100 acres during the second week in June. We also cut some rented land seven miles away that would normally
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Spring’s Work

cow pasture_3

We are finally able to get on the fields and do field work by the first week of May. Not all the fields were passable and some fields had wet spots. Determination is the only way that the work finally
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The 2014 Maple Season

tank and pump in woods

The 2014 maple sugaring season is turning into one for the record books for uniqueness and patience. March, usually the biggest production month, saw only 9 boils that produced 25% of a full crop for our farm. The extreme cold
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Sleepy Owl and Maple Saturday’s


One of the best things about being outside and working on the land is that you get to experience rare opportunities to spot wildlife. While the boys were out working in the woods this sleepy old Barred Owl popped his
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