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The Sugarhouse at Carman Brook Maple Farm

Memorial Day to Labor Day ~ Monday - Friday 9am to 3 pm
Saturday 9am to noon ~ Sunday closed
Labor Day to Memorial Day by appointment
Online Store 24/7

the Carman Maple SugarhouseThe Fortin family began dairy farming on the Fortin Road in Highgate Springs, Vermont, in 1911. Five generations later the family continues farming combining the traditional farming values and lifestyles with today's labor efficient technology. 

The sugarhouse is open year round. Enjoy the maple flavors and aromas coming from our family owned and operated Vermont Maple Sugarhouse. Where you can enjoy our family's tradition of making Vermont maple syrup.

Scheduled group tours are available with someone who lives and works on the farm. Group tours for parties of 15 or more. Call the sugarhouse at 1-888-84-MAPLE (6-2753) for rates and times.


Directions from I89 North: Take I89 North to Exit 21 Swanton. At the bottom of the exit ramp at the stop sign take a right onto Route 78 and an immediate left onto the Frontage Road. You will continue North (I89 will be on your left) for 3 miles. At the 4 corner stop, go straight to the Fortin Road. The farm is 1 mile on the left.


Before the season even begins, we work in the sugarwoods. General repairs from wind and animal damage are made. Old lines are changed and some taps are added.

In Vermont, maple syrup is produced at the end of the winter.  Sugaring time starts around the beginning of March. When the nights are clear and cold (below freezing) and the days are warm and sunny (above freezing), the sap will run from the trees. When weather patterns are forecasted for sugaring, trees are tapped. We collect this sap and boil it to make sweet maple syrup.

At the Carman Book Farm we have over 10,000 taps.

Vermont Maple Syrup


Maple Storage Rooms - 2000 Gallon Tank

When the sap gets to the sugarhouse, it is stored in large holding tanks. We make maple syrup as soon as there is enough sap to start the equipment. Maple sap ferments over time. Keeping the sap cold and processed quickly preserves quality.
Our sugarhouse is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) machine. This machine is kept in a small room that is heated. All the sap first goes through the RO machine where it is filtered and put through a membrane that only a water molecule can pass. It takes an average of 40 gallons of maple sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. The RO machine eliminates 75% of the water. This procedure saves time, energy and wear on the evaporator. The concentrated sap is pumped upstairs into a 500 gallon storage tank where it gravity feeds into the evaporator.

Reverse Osmosis (RO) machine


Maple Syrup Evaporators

The evaporator boils away the rest of the water. By  applying heat, the maple color and flavor is released. Maple syrup is boiled to a temperature 7 degrees above the boiling point of water or 218 degrees F. The density of the syrup is checked with a hydrometer for 32 degrees on the Baume scale.

The syrup is then filtered through our filter press. The filtered syrup is then stored in food grade barrels.

Email your questions to be answered by someone who lives and works on the farm.

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