Maple Bunny vs Chocolate Bunny

maple bunnies

Bunnies in all shapes and sizes are found on the shelves of many stores this time of the year.  There is one bunny, though, that you won’t find hopping around your local Walmart.  The Carman Brook Farm Maple Bunny is
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More Maple Syrup Favors

wedding favor half leaf

More maple syrup favors are available to purchase for your event at the Carman Brook Farm.  You can find a link to them all here in this posting.  These are special orders. You can place an order online, but we
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Density of Maple Syrup

The density of maple syrup is often misunderstood by consumers and probably the one thing I get asked the most after the grades of maple syrup. We put a lot of weight on flavor and grade, but checking for density
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Blueberry Pancake National Recognition Day

Blueberry pancakes have their own national day celebrated on January 28th.  Beat the winter blues by consuming blueberry pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you don’t have to wait till the end of January. Pancakes and syrup are a
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Brooke Shields & Vermont Maple Syrup Gifts

Vermont Maple Syrup Gifts Brooke Shields told People’s Magazine that Vermont maple syrup gifts is at the top of her list when she’s looking for something special, especially for the women on her list.  Shields stated in the magazine that
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Sap Collection Project

A sap collection project was our main focus in the sugarwoods this year.  How important is sap collection to a sugarmaker’s maple business?  Very important, both economically and to the health of the trees.  So much, that after reviewing our
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Maple Candy Favor Chart

maple candy heart

The maple candy favor chart will help you make the right candy selections for your event.  Maple candy favors are a real good choice for events with a large attendance. There are as many ideas for serving and packing it in
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Our Top 6 Most Popular Maple Gifts

This is my list of our top six most popular maple gifts. Holiday shopping can be a stressful task whether you go downtown or sit in your living room to surf the web.  What do you get someone who has everything? 
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Etsy Favors & Vermont Maple Syrup

Etsy Favor bottle

Want your Etsy favors in customized bottles filled with pure Vermont Maple Syrup?  Have them shipped to the Carman Brook Farm.  We’ll fill your 1.7 fl oz bottles for $1.50 each with Amber Rich Taste Vermont Maple Syrup. Contact our
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Earth Day Surprise in Maple Sugarwoods

Curious Coyote Puppies

We had a surprise on Earth Day in our Maple Sugarwoods this spring, when our team of untappers were busy pulling the taps from the maple trees. The 45th Earth Day was celebrated on April 22, 2015.  In 1970 Sen
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