Fall Foliage On My Farm

fall foliage on my farm

Fall foliage on my farm is especially pretty.  We give most of the credit to the sugar maple trees in our sugarbush.  We know there are a lot of maples in Vermont because we lead the other states in maple
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Vermont Pancake Mixes

gift basket with Vermont Farmgirl pancake mix

Keeping Vermont pancake mixes in supply is one of my biggest headaches! I’ve switched them up and gone with different companies over the years. The problem is supply to meet the demand.  If I advertise one brand of pancake mix,
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Dairy Farm Auction at Carman Brook Farm

Daniel Fortin looking at his heifers before auction

A dairy farm auction was held on May 2, 2018 at the Carman Brook Farm.  We decided last fall that we would be changing the way we do business and dispersing of our cattle and dairy equipment.  This allows us
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Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae

finished maple apple waffle sundae

The Maple Syrup Apple Waffle Sundae recipe morphs from complex to simple in my kitchen.  I originally got this recipe from Dishing Up Vermont by Storey Publishing.  The cookbook is a compilation of recipes from around Vermont.  The Birds Nest Inn in
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Maple Syrup Fruit Popsicles

maple syrup fruit Popsicle

Maple syrup fruit popsicles are a healthy and refreshing summer treat.  This is a simple recipe you can make with the kids that everyone will enjoy. Here’s the recipe. Below are my hints, tips, ideas and variations. Maple Syrup Fruit
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Maple Candy Fish and Seashells

maple candy fish and seashells plated on table

Maple candy fish and seashells are a perfect fit for beach and tropical events. Beach themes are popular with children for birthday parties, too. I’m going to cover everything you need to know about our maple candy fish and seashells.
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Rock River Paddle

me and my dog, Primos paddling the Rock river

I really enjoy a Rock River paddle. There are plenty of places I can paddle within 15 minutes of my home, but none quite as spectacular and close as the Rock River.  This portion of the river has so little
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End of Season Maple Syrup

end of season baking

End of Season maple syrup needs a little more description after the 2017 maple sugaring season.  We have been looking at the samples of the barrels we made, tasting them and trying to get a handle on how we can possibly
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Maple Bunny vs Chocolate Bunny

maple bunnies

Bunnies in all shapes and sizes are found on the shelves of many stores this time of the year.  There is one bunny, though, that you won’t find hopping around your local Walmart.  The Carman Brook Farm Maple Bunny is
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Density of Maple Syrup

The density of maple syrup is often misunderstood by consumers and probably the one thing I get asked the most after the grades of maple syrup. We put a lot of weight on flavor and grade, but checking for density
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