More Maple Syrup Favors

More maple syrup favors are available to purchase for your event at the Carman Brook Farm.  You can find a link to them all here in this posting.  These are special orders. You can place an order online, but we encourage you to contact us by phone or email.

11 More Maple Syrup Favors

Maple syrup is a part of Vermont’s beginnings and naturally is the perfect selection for your new beginning. Your guests will appreciate the sweetness of the syrup and your thoughtfulness.

The follow are more maple syrup favors that you can buy in bulk and save in quantity.  Click the images below to read the product specifications.

wedding favor half leaf more maple syrup favors
Half Leaf, 2 sizes
wedding favor medallion more maple syrup favors
Medallions, 2 sizes
wedding favor tarquina more maple syrup favors
wedding favor ginger boy more maple syrup favors
Ginger Boy
wedding favor basque more maple syrup favors
wedding favor wine barrels more maple syrup favors
Barrels, 2 sizes
wedding favor chalet more maple syrup favors






Wedding Favor 3D Leaf more maple syrup favors
3D Leaf










About our Maple Syrup Favors

Our family’s sugarhouse ensures that each favor is bottled with the highest quality syrup. We test the syrup for density, clarity, color and flavor.  Our goal is to make sure that every bottle of maple syrup is perfect for your special day.

In our line of Vermont maple wedding favors there are over 20 different maple syrup favors between 1.4 fl oz to 8.45 fl oz.  You won’t find a larger selection of maple syrup favor bottles!  Eight of the bottles are available for engraving.

The maple syrup favors are priced for a minimum order of 24.  Mix and match the items as you wish as long as there are 24 syrup favors in the cart.  For engraved orders, there must be a minimum order of 24 of that item to be engraved.  Need more than the drop down menu allows?  Simply put the item in the shopping cart, enter the correct amount and update the cart totals. Enter your zip code to calculate shipping costs.

Receive a coupon code for 15% off your maple syrup favor order by contacting our wedding consultant at 802-868-2347 or by inquiring on our contact form.  Order a maple syrup favor sample for a flat fee of $8. Each additional favor sample is $4.50 each.

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