Boston Post Dairy Cheese


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Like the Carman Brook Farm, the Boston Post Dairy is a small family farm.  Owned and operated by Robert and Gisele Gervais and their 4 daughters the dairy has diversified into cheese making.  The farm makes their cheese with the help of 180 goats and 95 cows.  All of their cheeses are made with milk that has been pasteurized.

The cheeses that the Gervais family packed for us average 4.5 oz and were cut from a wheel.  We’ve provided a description below of each and can’t tell you which is our favorite as they are all fabulous.  All we can say is we love Boston Post Dairy!!

Cheddar – Aged 12 months, this cheddar is produced from cows milk. Its medium sharp flavor leaves behind a beautiful tang on the taste buds.

Gisele – This blend of pasteurized cow and goat’s milk is aged for a minimum of 3 months.  This semi-hard cheese is finished with a spiced apple cider wash.  Another cheese that melts well.  You can’t go wrong with a cheese that was named after Mom.

Bon Pere – No longer available.


$5.79 — $6.84

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