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Maple Cream and Sugar with a donut and coffee

Maple cream and maple sugar are both made by boiling the maple syrup to a high temperature, cooling it very quickly to a low temperature, followed by stirring.

Maple Cream

Maple cream is whipped softly in a machine till it becomes a delicious creamy spread.  During the stirring process, the syrup takes on many changes until it becomes a smooth, creamy spread.  The creamy spread is delicious on sugar cookies, donuts, toast, bagels or muffins. There are a lot of recipes that use maple cream as an ingredient like Maple Whoopie Pies.

Watch our video show how maple syrup changes as its whipped to become maple cream.

Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is boiled to reduce all the water and stirred rapidly to form sugar crystals.   Maple sugar can be sprinkled on oatmeal or yogurt and used in recipes in place of granulated sugar or top off muffins and sweet breads before baking. Sweeten up a buttered toast with a sprinkle of maple sugar.

Vermont Maple Cream

Maple Cream in 1 lb and 1/2 lb tubs, a delicious spread on sugar cookies, donuts, toast, bagels or muffins.

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Maple Sugar

Maple Sugar in 1 lb bag or 3 oz shaker.

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Turkey Hill Maple Cream Cookies

The best maple cream filled cookies you'll ever bite into!


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